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United BioPharma (UBP) is a professional contract development and manufacturing organization
(CDMO) that provides highly integrated and customizable services in biopharmaceutical development
and GMP manufacturing.

UBP has a long history of discovery, research and development of biologics such as highly potent
monoclonal antibodies for HIV, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. We have built a broad range of
cutting-edge capabilities and facilities located in multiple countries provide cell line development,
process development, analytical method development and GMP manufacturing services for our clients.
  • We Care

    We Care

    As a service provider, we are proud to announce that we have successfully shorten the timeline from cell line development to GMP manufacturing from 14 months to 6 months for a COVID-19 vaccine project. This achievement shows our commitment to the client, and to represents our company’s philosophy: We Care,We Invent, We Share. We wish that your project in our hands can be the best decision you have made.

  • We Invent

    We Invent

    With our world-leading technologies and uncompromised quality, we provide accurate, efficient, cost-effective services from upstream/downstream process development to formulation development to our partners in pharmaceutical industry.

  • We Share

    We Share

    UBP dedicates to create and elevate the value of our customers’ pipelines through our contract developmental and manufacturing services. Overcoming the bottlenecks in process development, manufacturing, and product quality and accelerating new innovations to patients is UBP’s main value in bioindustry. Improving the quality of life of all the patients is our everlasting goal.

UBP has a GMP certificate from Taiwan FDA.
UBI Pharma (UBIP), our fill and finish partner, has exported their products to Japan, EU, Central, and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China. To provide products with the highest quality, the facilities are US FDA inspected. Other certificates from well-known regulatory organizations include:
  • Taiwan PIC/S GMP
  • US FDA (injectable production line)
  • Japan PMDA (injectable production line)
  • Australia TGA
  • Columbia INVIMA
  • Europe GTLC Quality Award 2013
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